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The chart below provides the most recent 36-month history of our natural gas rates for both Residential and Commercial customers.  For Public Authority, Supplemental, A/C and Industrial rates please contact our office.


The chart below provides the most recent 36-month history of Heating Degree Days for our region as published by the National Weather Service.  Heating Degree Day is a measurement designed to quantify the demand for energy needed to heat a building.  It is the number of degrees that a day's average temperature is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature below which buildings need to be heated.  Simply put, the higher the number of Heating Degree Days there are in the month, the higher the demand for energy to heat your home or business to a comfortable temperature.


Hawkins County Gas propane rates are based on the customer classification, such as Residential or Commercial, and the size of LP tank.  Listed below are the most common rate classifications.  If you have additional questions please contact our office.


Tank Size          Annual Tank Rental          Tank Set & Install          Price per Gallon

 250-gallon                   $4.00 per month                              $75.00                                  $2.49

 500-gallon                   $6.00 per month                              $75.00                                  $2.43

 1000-gallon                 $11.00 per month                            $75.00                                  $2.40


Tank Size          Annual Tank Rental          Tank Set & Install          Price per Gallon

 250-gallon                   $4.00 per month                              $75.00                                  $2.20  (plus sales tax)

 500-gallon                   $6.00 per month                              $75.00                                  $2.20  (plus sales tax)

 1000-gallon                 $11.00 per month                            $75.00                                  $2.20  (plus sales tax)


Propane Refill Station (Rogersville Office)

Refilling your propane tank is cheaper than exchanging.  Our staff and knowledgeable employees is on hand to assist you and answer your questions.  We can refill all types of propane tank sizes: BBQ grill tanks, RV's, campers, as well as propane forklift tanks.  We offer these competitive rates:

  • 100# Cylinder or less...................$2.75 per gallon

  • 20# Cylinder.................................$15.00 per tank

Additional Information

  • The Tank Set and Install fee includes the tank set, regulator, and up to 20 feet of service line from the tank to the outside structure of the home or building, and an equipment check and normal start-up of the service.  Additional service line will be billed to the customer at $2.00 per foot.

  • Customer must pay the first year of Annual Tank Rent with initial setup and will be billed annually thereafter.

  • The minimum distance from the tank to the structure (home or building) is based on the size of tank.  For a 500-gallon tank or less, the minimum distance is 10 feet.  For tanks larger than 500 gallons the minimum distance is 25 feet.

  • The location of the tank and accessibility must be approved by Hawkins County Gas.

  • In some cases a Deposit is required with the initial setup of service.  Deposits are required for the following:

    • Customer is NOT the property owner​.

    • Customer owns the tank and is contracted a year at a time.

    • If disconnected due to non-payment more than 3 times during a 12-month period.

  • Automatic delivery begins in September and ends in April of each year, with the exception of summer usage.

  • Deliveries are usually made every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Watch your tank gauge.  If it falls to 20% or below, call and report it to our office.

  • A $50.00 Trip Charge will be charged if the tank runs out of gas due to the customer's fault.

  • Propane deliveries will NOT be made to past due accounts.

  • Past due accounts are subject to disconnection and a $50.00 Reconnect Fee applies.

  • Customers are encouraged to pay ahead to build up a credit on your account.  Contact our office for more details.


  • Hawkins County Gas is NOT responsible for any gas loss due to leaks after 90 days following installation, nor for any loss caused by the customer or any other party.

  • When service is discontinued because of non-payment or at the customer's request, the tank will be picked-up.  A Tank Pick-up Fee of $75.00 will apply.  The amount of gas remaining in the tank will be refunded and any full months of unused tank rent after the initial twelve (12) months, less the Tank Pick-up Fee and any outstanding customer balance.

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