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In the late 1950's East Tennessee Natural Gas Company built a natural gas pipeline to serve the AFG Industries plant in East Hawkins County.  A small group of local businessmen headed by local banker and industrialist, Robert S. (Bob) Lane, realized the importance of natural gas for commercial and industrial recruitment and growth.  These men petitioned the Hawkins County Court to establish a natural gas utility to provide gas service to Hawkins County.

On December 16, 1957, the Natural Gas Utility District of Hawkins County was created by order of Chairman John K. Williams of the County Court of Hawkins County.  Robert S. Lane, Lance W. Rogan, and George O. Baker were appointed to serve as the Board of Commissioners.

On May 6, 1962, following an engineering and feasibility study, the Board passed a resolution authorizing the issuance of $1,975,000 Natural Gas System Revenue Bonds to finance the construction of a natural gas system.  Due to overly optimistic engineering, the repayment of the bonds were extended beyond original expectations.  Since 1980, the District has been current on all bond and interest payments and has attained an excellent credit rating.

The District is governed by a three (3) person Board of Commissioners.  These dedicated public servants have contributed greatly not only to the success of the District, but to the growth and success of the entire community.  The current Board of Commissioners are:

          Reed Matney, Chairman - May 1994 to present

          Eugene Christian, Vice-Chairman - March 2018 to present

          Tom Kern, Secretary - August 2022 to present

The District also recognizes our previous Commissioners for their years of service and commitment not only to the District, but also to our community.

          Robert S. Lane - December 1957 to January 1992

          Lance W. Rogan - December 1957 to May 1990

          George O. Baker - December 1957 to 1966

          Byron Rogers - 1966 to August 1995

          Henry Price - October 1995 to January 2008

          Fred Montgomery - January 1992 to January 2018

          Tommy Young - April 2008 to June 2022

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